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Welcome to Galamuka Adventures

Galamuka borders the Lower Zambezi National Park and is situated just outside Mpata gorge, an area famous for its rich history and explored by travellers from all over the world since the 1600s.

This unique area is well-known for its abundance of wildlife, endless bird species and Tiger fish, one of the fieriest freshwater predators in the world! 


At Galamuka, we focus on Tiger fishing and offer guided excursions into the Lower Zambezi National Park and as far down as Feira, where the Luangwa river meets the Mighty Zambezi. 

Fishing @ Galamuka

The main quarry of anglers is the Zambezi Tiger fish. Vundu, Cornish Jack and various Tilapia are also found in this unique river system. Galamuka provides expert guides and comfortable fishing boats that accommodate all levels of angling experience.

River Facing Chalets

Enjoy the tranquillity of nature in one of our four chalets nestled amongst the trees with panoramic views of the river.

Get a peaceful night's rest in a comfortable double bed and wake up to the soothing sounds of nature.

Chilling @ The Main Lodge

From relaxing and taking in the views, to sitting around the fire and savouring your favourite drink. We've got the perfect setting for you!


Activities @ Galamuka

Activities include fishing, river cruises, birdwatching, game drives by boat and our speciality, Tiger fishing! All boating and fishing activities at Galamuka are included in the rate.

Activities @ Lower Zambezi National Park